Tea & Strumpets is a comedic, musical stage show with a little something extra. The “Strumpets” love to sing and dance and entertain with their colorful array of musical, comedic content. For the more adult crowd, we have a frisky, fun-filled set of original bawdy tunes (complete with dance moves) that might make you raise and eyebrow…or two.


Imagine yourself enjoying a nice “cup of tea” with these Strumpets. Just your average village tea house... with a twist!


We have performed across California, Arizona, and Nevada for events, including:

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How do you take your tea?

Join Rosella, Chamomile, Chai, Marigold, Magnolia, Lemon Zinger and of course Mr. Chai for the rowdiest musical stage show of the year. For the more adult audiences and tavern stages, our NC-17 content packs a punch and is filled with innuendo, puns, and clever lyrics to keep you clapping along and saying..."Did they really just say that?"

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Hear the Ditties

Enjoy these previews of a few of our favorite family-friendly classics.

"If You Only Get a Mustache"

"Keelhaul Killian"

"Old Mill Tavern"

"Johnny Ribeck"

Amature video from events doesn't always do the Strumpets justice. Give a listen to their rich blends with these higher quality audio samples.


If you like your tea served a little hotter, we also have a full selection of steamier tunes for our adults-only performances. This show is rated Arrrrrrr. Here's a sip.

"Tea & Strumpets Theme"



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